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Air conditioning

Heat pump


Installation of air conditioning and heat pump at home, in the tertiary and industrial.



You are planning to build or renovate a house and the question of installing air conditioning arises. I will be able to listen to you and guide you on the choice(s) of air conditioners for your property. Air conditioner monobloc, split, ductable, wall-mounted, fixed, window, the choices are numerous. I will take into account your requests in environmental matters and aesthetic integration with your interior and exterior. The installation is done according to the rules of the art and the technical constraints of your house and the chosen material. I will install your air conditioning according to your expectations in terms of comfort, aesthetics, reliable equipment, energy and financial savings and the follow-up of the installation. Michel Boucau Climatisation remains at your disposal to answer your questions and give you complete satisfaction on the installation of air conditioning and heat pump.

You are an PME, manager of a company or a store, you want to install air conditioning in your premises, contact Michel Boucau Climatisation to discuss the air conditioning solutions best suited to your working environment, while controlling costs with a solution tailored to your needs. I will take into account all the constraints related to your service, as well as that of your customers so as not to disturb the operation of your establishment during the intervention. The installation of air conditioning will bring comfort for you and your customers. Air conditioning in an industrial and tertiary environment does not have the same constraints as a residential installation, I will take this into account for a reliable and quality installation.

Installation two groupes climatiseurs exterior Michel Boucau Climatisation
clim monosplit bedroom Michel Boucau Climatisation
installation of outdoor air conditioning unit Michel Boucau Climatisation
Installation climatisation mono dans maison en rénovation Michel Boucau Climatisation


You have an installation whether it is residential or tertiary, do not forget the maintenance and monitoring of the air conditioning. I carry out the systematic maintenance of your installation by checking the fluids, cleaning the air conditioner, testing the temperature, remote control, … . Don’t forget that a well-maintained air-conditioning system will not only save you energy and money, but will also make your installation last longer. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your expectations and offer you an annual air conditioning maintenance contract.

I maintain your installation so that it is optimal, the longer you wait, the less efficient and more energy-consuming the equipment is. During maintenance I check:

  • Fluid pressure
  • Checking the liquid circuit
  • A sealing control system
  • The temperature of the cold
  • Cleaning the device
A word of advice, don’t forget to include in the annual maintenance contract to keep your installation for a long time.
maintenance of outdoor air conditioning unit Michel Boucau Climatisation
maintenance of outdoor air conditioning 1 unit Michel Boucau Climatisation

Air conditioning

schéma climatisation mono split

What is a monosplit air conditioner and where do I install it? It is a single unit for one room. It is well before it is installed that I advise you on how to install it in order to optimise the efficiency of thermal comfort as much as possible. Cold in the summer, hot in the winter, it is a reversible system that will blend in with your interior decoration as well as its external pump that can be integrated with the style of your garden for example, for this, there are coverings to conceal the air conditioner. This air conditioning system works with air air, or air water, or pac air. To make it cold, it evacuates hot air and to make it hot, it evacuates cold air. The installation of a monosplit air conditioner may be in a dining room, a hallway…

schéma climatisation multisplit

The Bi-split air conditioner behaves and operates in the same way as the monosplit, except that the unit consists of 2 indoor units and one outdoor unit. Its function is used, for example, to air-condition 2 bedrooms or 2 offices. Each indoor unit is independent, i.e. you can program them in two different ways: one to send air at 21 degrees and the other to send air at 18 degrees with a blower of different intensity. Just like the monosplit it is possible to use covers to blend the air conditioner with your decoration. It is possible on some air conditioners when installed in a room to detect a person and turn on for comfort according to the programming. If there is no one left in the room after a few minutes, the unit will go into “standby” mode and offer a set temperature.

schéma climatisation gainable

Ducted air conditioning is the solution for air conditioning your entire home or business with a system that includes an outdoor unit that communicates with an indoor unit that redistributes hot or cold air through ducts that are dispatched to all the different rooms. This system is controlled by a general thermostat located in a corridor or entrance that will allow you to control and program the whole system. On the other hand, it is possible to add thermostats in rooms (bedrooms, offices, etc.) to enable fine regulation room by room. The ductable air conditioning can be reversible for summer and winter use. If you opt for this solution, I advise you to use Inverter technology to avoid over-consumption of energy and to optimise the use of the compressor according to the operating regime of the installation. Physically, everything goes through the attic so nothing is “visible”.

heat pump

schéma pompe à chaleur air eau

The heat pump can enable you to heat your home or business by using and extracting energy from the outside to distribute it inside using radiators, a fan coil unit, underfloor heating. The energy recovered outside can be in the air, water or earth. This energy is then processed via the outdoor unit. Thanks to the refrigerant, this energy is redistributed throughout the house. Some heat pumps are reversible, so they act like air conditioners: cold in summer and hot in winter.

The air-to-water heat pump is one of those solutions that reduce energy consumption. This approach is supported by the public authorities, which can grant you several financial aids


Don’t hesitate to contact me for any request for an estimate for both installation and maintenance contract. Free quote.


06 35 56 04 44

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